Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lace, Ruffles, and Spring Flowers

Photos: Katie Derus | Blazer: Nordstrom | Top: Urban Outfitters (old) | Skirt: Arden B. (similar here)(last seen here) | Sunglasses: Karen Walker Perfect Day | Shoes: Aldo | Shoe Clips: F21 | Bag: Tory Burch | Necklace: Ann Taylor (similar here) | Bracelets: Ann Taylor, Common Era, J.Crew, F21, Boutique | Watch: Fossil | Ring: F21 | Fingers: CND Shellac Cityscape | Toes: Essie Lilacism

What a crazy-busy last couple days it has been! Somehow, it seems like every area of my life needed attention after just a little more than a week's vacation.

There hasn't been any photo-taking or photo-editing happening recently, so here are a few more outfit photos from Easter weekend. I brought out this floaty top and fun floral skirt from the back of my closet and wore this springy, fresh ensemble for Easter Sunday. I am really excited about the summer shoe clip potential of these nude wedges--they have a little loop at the top that fits cheap little hair clips perfectly (meaning they never stab my toes--hooray!). I see lots of DIY possibilities with summery flowers, ribbons, and bows.
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  1. This look is so girly and elegant, love it!

  2. What a fun skirt! Love the combination!

  3. Lace, ruffles and floral prints are all the girly things I love. This outfit is stunning.

  4. A really lovely outfit! Love your jewellery xxx


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  6. I posted the wrong comment on the wrong post on your blog lol :( sorry about that. I love the play on details, textures, colors and floral prints in your outfit; it's fun, flirty, and chic :)


  7. You look gorgeous Tam, and I LOVE that blazer! I'm going to have to think about picking one up at Nordies! Good luck catching up from your trip and I hope to hear more about it!


  8. You look gorgeous! I just bought that blazer the other week, and it's a great Spring/Summer staple in a pretty color :)

  9. I love your jewelery so much in these pictures! The big watch looks great and I like how you mixed silver and gold tones with your pearls. How do you pick out which jewelery your going to wear in the morning? It seems like you mix it up a lot, but they always look really put together.

    Also, do you always get shellac on your nails? I haven't tried it but it seems like a good way to get a long-lasting mani.

    1. Hmm, good question on the jewelry! I keep a lot of it in canvas storage bins, separated by type and metal. I generally will pick a piece or two that I think goes well with the outfit, then I add whatever else catches my eye. It's usually a quick process as timeliness isn't really my strong suit!

      I've been doing shellac manis for about a year now. They last about two weeks or so--it works well for someone who loves nail polish but doesn't have a lot of spare time.

  10. the pinkness of this outfit has such a wonderful legally blonde vibe to it! so FUN!

    dash dot dotty

  11. Gosh you always have the prettiest style! Your blog never disappoints me for inspiration! I love the colors in this outfit! They scream Spring and I absolutely love it! Recently I also wore a floral skirt but the one I have has blue flowers so dressed in blue tones! You can check it out (if you'd like) and let me know what you think! It's the last post I made (April 20)

  12. Hi! I love that the shoe clips are gingham! I had to look closely to see it but they're adorable.

    The Fashionable ESQ

  13. What a cute skirt! Love the combination!


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