Wednesday, December 26, 2012

White Christmas

Jacket: Helly Hansen (another cute choice here) | Pants: Helly Hansen | Hat: Helly Hansen | Goggles: Scott | Neckie: c/o Phunkshun | Mittens: Hestra (best mittens ever!) | Boots: Nordica | Skis: Atomic Century (this year's version)

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you probably already know I'm an avid skier (as good Coloradan girls should be). One of my Christmas wishes came true yesterday--a gorgeous powder day on Christmas morning! This is what I wore. Hope your Christmas was just as wonderful!


  1. I love this ski outfit on you and how you have matched your jacket & hat together. You make me want to go skiing!

  2. My brother just headed out to Lake Tahoe with some of his friends this morning to go snowboarding and I am so jealous! I've been been skiing before, but it's something I wanted to try!

    The Weekend Diary

  3. I'm a CO transplant from GA, so I need to get wayyyyyy better. Love the chic ski attire! Hoping my son grows up into a ski star though, unlike me! :)

  4. That's my kind of Christmas! It's great to see another petite who's not only interested in fashion but sports as well! I love skiing and snowboarding but have always had a difficult time finding clothing that fit properly, especially pants. I'm assuming you got it in XS. Do those HH ski pants fit your waist and inseam? Thanks!

    1. I snowboard, too (terribly), but I definitely prefer skiing. Which do you like better?

      The pants and jacket are both XS, but the pants are definitely roomy. I use a belt and just let the rest scrunch down around my boots. I like my ski clothes to be on the big side so I can layer underneath, plus I'm told the cool kids all wear oversized gear (according to my much cooler younger brother). My estimate is that the XS pants are probably the equivalent of a women's 2 to 4.

    2. I love both skiing and snowboarding equally. I switched from snowboarding to skiing so that I can explore the mountains that don't allow snowboarders. You make very good points about each one in your reply to Megan. It sure is great to have poles on the flats compared to dragging around a snowboard! My poor husband almost dislocated his shoulder pulling me on his skis one time on flats while I was on snowboard.

      Those HH pants look great on you (the whole outfit does). Mine always scrunch at my knees rather than resting on my boots. I'll have to give these a try. Thanks!

  5. Okay, so I'm going skiing for the first time next weekend and I have no idea which is easier-- skiing or snowboarding?!

    Love that outfit by the way :)

    1. Thanks, Megan! The skiing v. snowboarding question is one I've thought about quite a bit. Ultimately, I decided that it's less miserable to teach someone to ski than to snowboard.

      With snowboarding, there is a (very) steep learning curve, and you just have to accept that you will be spending 2-3 days on your butt or face or anywhere other than on your feet. It does not feel great the next day. Once you get past that stage, it's a lot of fun, and you can reach proficiency faster than you might on skis. I think a lot of people try snowboarding and don't make it to that phase, but if you can stick it out, it can be great. I think it helps if you have some experience skateboarding or surfing or wakeboarding.

      With skiing, there will be falls, too, but it's definitely on a much lesser scale. It takes a while before you look good and feel comfortable doing it, but the people I've taught to ski seem to enjoy the process more. Another thing worth considering is that skis and poles make for an easier time getting around the mountain than a snowboard, where the strapping in and out can be cumbersome. Maneuvering on and off the lift is easier on skis (in my opinion) since you just stand and sit like you naturally would, whereas you're sideways on a snowboard.

      I think this is getting long for a blog comment, but I'd love to answer any more questions you might have--just send me an email!

  6. Omg these photos are perfect! Your winter photos always give me a little bit of the snowy magic that I never see ;) My husband is a natural at many things and skiing is one of them. I've never been...but I love ice skating! :)


    1. Okay, I think you and your husband should come skiing in Colorado, and I can teach you to ski. I can provide testimonials from successful graduates from Tam's Ski School upon request =).

      I love ice skating too, but I haven't gone in ages. Did you figure skate? That was (briefly) a dream of mine before I got more involved in gymnastics, skiing, and water-skiing. It would a fun to take up again!

  7. I hope you had a fabulous holiday! Skiing is something I wish I had learned to do when I was younger, but my dad didn't like it so we never went! I've always thought it would be so much fun though

  8. Wow! What a gorgeous winter wonderland! I love the pink ski equipment!

    That snowy weather is perfect for the nearing petite fashion challenge (about dressing for winter weather elements while shopping, since stores have that high heat!)

    I'd love for you to join. It is due this Saturday but it is an easy one <3

    Check out the announcement at

    A Preponderance of Fashion


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