Friday, September 19, 2014

My J.Crew Fall Crushes + H&M Giveaway Winner!

J.Crew Fall Picks by Hello Framboise

First of all, congratulations to Caitlyn S.--you are the winner of the H&M gift card from yesterday's fall fashion post! Update: I misread my Twitter notifications and didn't realize that @TheRedCloak was actually the first to re-post! I am working on a way to reward both of you. Stay tuned!

Although I love summer and hate when it ends, new fall clothes are usually a good consolation prize. Today I'm sharing some of my picks from J.Crew's new fall pieces. As soon as this hot weather leaves Colorado, you'll be seeing some of these pieces on the blog! Everything I've linked is part of the current 25% off fall favorites/30% off final sale promotion, which runs until September 24.

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  1. Hi Hun, I am caitlyn S. :) if you're need to email me you can email me at What did I do IG,Fb and Twotter and the other person did Twit at same time? I had just fine to IG and posted the pic and hit post to FB, Twitter etc.


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