Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bright in the Sunlight

Photos: Katie Derus | Jacket: Aeropostale | Cardigan: Express (similar here) | Tee: F21 (last seen here)| Shoes: Charles Jourdan | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | Sunglasses: Target | Bracelets: Express, Nordstrom, Tiffany | Watch: Borrowed

I couldn't believe it was warm enough to wear sandals this past weekend. Sandals. In Denver. In January. I was in heaven! There was still a little bit of chill in the air when the wind picked up, but a lightweight jacket took care of that. This is what I love about Denver--the moment I start feeling some winter blues creeping up on me, the weather changes suddenly and gives me a gorgeous spring day in the dead of winter to lift my spirits.

Bright colors have been consistently at the top of my winter love list this year. There's nothing like a jolt of bright pink, yellow, and cobalt blue to breathe some life into the shorter days and frozen nights of mid-winter. Oh, and there's no reason you need a January heat wave to put your brights to work. This look can be made cold-weather-appropriate and totally of-the-moment with some textured tights, some motorcycle boots, a bright scarf, and a leather jacket layered over the cardigan and cargo jacket pictured here.


  1. What a fun color combo! Love your arm party again!

  2. This is such a fun outfit! I would never have known you're in Denver. Great shoes :)

    <3 from San Francisco

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  4. Love these bright colors and the layering! Amazing! Also love those beautiful shoes. How great that you not only got some sunshine, but it was on a weekend so you could enjoy it. I remember a few years ago when I worked in an office in San Diego, it would be sunny all week and I'd be dreaming of being at the beach. Once the weekend came, of course it would be cloudy and cool! ha

    Another beautiful outfit Tam!

  5. Oh hello, can I say that I'm super jealous of the weather you are having?!?! Your outfit is so fun and summery!

  6. Beautiful photos! I love the colour blocking!

  7. gorgeous colour scheme.love your shoes.x

  8. Thanks for commenting on my blog and leading me to yours! You have such fabulous style! Following you now :)

    xoxo, H

  9. You are quite awesome - very Natalie Portman-ish.


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