Sunday, January 15, 2012

Chambray and Satin

Photos: Katie Derus | Jacket: H&M (similar here) | Shirt: H&M (similar here) | Skirt: H&M | Shoes: MICHAEL (similar here) | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | Sunglasses: Prada | Necklace: Ann Taylor | Bracelets: J.Crew, Nordstrom, Express, Boutique

I recently wore this satin skirt with a leopard-print top for a New Year's party. It works well as a fancy piece, but I like that it can also be dressed down for a not-as-fancy dinner out or for daytime, like I did here with this chambray shirt.

I was going to tout the look of white or off-white pieces, like my jacket, for winter, but when I looked through these photos, I realized my legs were my whitest winter piece. I'm a fan of bare legs whenever possible, but I might consider some tights next time!


  1. if you don't mind, i am going to steal this look! i love it!!

  2. Beautiful! I love how you can dress down that skirt :) You still look so glam though with all your accessories!

  3. That skirt is super fun. You can probably pair it with so many things for such different looks. Is the hot pink a park of the skirt or is that an added belt?


  4. Thanks for Twitter follow! love this look, like the black denim shirt - great twist on an essential piece! xx

  5. Tam, I'm so in love with this skirt!! I love how it could be dressy or more casual like this. I am like you as well -- if I can get away with bare legs, I typically prefer them over tights unless I'm wearing something a bit short and need the extra coverage. Your legs look gorgeous here :)


  6. I love the outfit! the textures and the pop of hot pink!

  7. @monse: Thanks, dear!

    @two birds: Steal away! I've been checking out your blog for inspiration, too =).

    @Elaine: Thank you! I am such a jewelry junkie.

    @Anna, Maca, and purplesocks: Thanks!

  8. i just found your blog via twitter! love yours, i am your newest follower. love your leopard flats!

  9. LOVE the colors in this outfit. That skirt is just beautiful and SO fun! :) Have a great day

  10. This is a perfect perfect outfit :) classy, preppy, funky and fun - so cute on you!


  11. This outfit has the perfect pop of color!! I love how you thought of a way to incorporate a piece that can be dressy into a more casual outfit. Great look!

  12. Super cute. Love this outfit. You always look so "put together" :o)

  13. Love this whole outfit!You have great style!


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