Friday, March 29, 2013

Work Outfit: Need for Tweed

Suit: Ann Taylor Factory | Sunglasses: Prada | Shoes: Nine West (similar style here) | Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim (currently available at Barney's and Otte) (read my review) | Bracelets: Tiffany, Swarovski | Earrings: F21 | Watch: Fossil

Confession: I'm terrible about going to the tailor. My strategy is usually to buy the best fit I can off-the-rack and have my mom do a hem or shorten shoulder straps if need be (thanks, Mom!).

With suits, however, tailoring is almost always required. In the professional world, being competent and professional is not enough--one has to also look competent, confident, and professional. This is especially true for petite women.

This suit was a Christmas gift from my parents, and while it looked passable off-the-rack, I knew it could look great with a slimmer, more fitted silhouette. I had the jacket's sides slimmed, sleeves shortened, and armholes brought up. I had the skirt taken in at the waist, which made the length more flattering since it now sits higher on my waist, plus it has the added benefit of more reliably keeping a tucked-in blouse or shell where it's supposed to be. These seemingly minor tweaks changed the look of this suit so much, and I felt very confident and put-together when I wore it for an exceptionally challenging day at work yesterday.

For anyone who might be looking for a tailor in Denver, the one I've been seeing for the past year or so has done a marvelous job with every piece I've left with him and his lovely wife. Erol and Filiz of Erol's Tailoring are so kind and talented, and they work quickly while still making sure that you are getting exactly what you're hoping and expecting. I've sent some friends with wedding dresses his way in the last few months, and it seems they have been very satisfied.

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  1. I used to just buy a suit and not really pay attention to fit. I can't do that any more, I am realizing how much fit affects how it looks. A great piece can be taken to a whole new level when it is adapted for your body.

  2. i'm the same with hemming and tailoring. hate going to do that, and i try to avoid it. you're right though. little tweaks will help a lot!

    love this suit on you!

    xox P

    phiphi's blog

  3. I confess to never having had something tailored but looking at your suit I may need to take a trip ASAP. I love the fit (and the head-to-toe tweed). You look great!

    Chelsea & The City
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  4. It looks great on you! Skirt suits look so cute, but I really wish I could find a suit with slim-cut pants too. I have a suit from Ann Taylor that I love, but since I'm short (like you), the slightly flared leg makes me look a little bit stumpy. I've found skinny leg dress pants, but never as part of a suit. So if you come across one, let me know :)

    ~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life

    1. I never really thought about it, but you're totally right; slim-cut suit pants are pretty much nonexistent! I have one pantsuit from Ann Taylor that has slimmer pants, but I got it several years ago. I will definitely be on the lookout for them and will let you know if I see one!

  5. The right tailoring really takes something from frumpy to fabulous. I do my own alterations...I have a long history with sewing and design, but sometimes I find it difficult to discern how much tweaking to do. I'm curious if your tailor suggested any alterations, or if you intuitively knew all the things to be done.

  6. Cute! I'm short as well. Haven't done tailoring, but really should. I have the hardest time with jackets.

  7. Great post! I'm a big advocate for tailoring and do it with so many items, I taper trousers, shorter hems, remove splits, slim sides of jackets, short sleeve lengths, you name it. I have a wonderful relationship with my tailor and she now knows exactly what I like.