Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hello, Framboise in People StyleWatch August Issue

I was so excited this month to see Hello, Framboise featured in print! In the August Issue of People StyleWatch Magazine, I am sharing some of my favorite tips and tricks as to what to wear and where to shop when you're petite like me. The magazine is available all over the U.S., and the Play Up Your Shape story is on pages 126-127 if you happen to pick it up.

People Style Watch Spread Hello Framboise August 14 Issue

Details on the first outfit on the left can be found here. In the righthand photo, I'm wearing the ASOS Slim Brady Boyfriend Jeans with some stappy Zara heels--more details here--and the shirt-under-dress look is here.

It was great to be featured alongside the lovely Caitlyn, who gives some tips for the more statuesque among us, and with sweet Rochelle, who makes plus sizes so look pretty and put together. I love when women of all sizes find the pieces that work on them.

x, Tam


  1. This is how I found you! So awesome!

  2. How exciting! Congratulations on being featured. I always appreciate your pretty pictures and style ideas.

  3. Oh yay you are famous!!! heeehee how exciting!


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