Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Travel Diary: Cannon Beach, Oregon + Summer Sun Safety + a J.Crew Swimsuit + Jack Rogers Review

Beach Day Outfit
Tee: Forever 21 | Shorts: Topshop 'Hallie' | Shoes: Jack Rogers | Hat: J.Crew | Bag: Givenchy| Sunglasses: Karen Walker | Watch: Michael Kors | Bracelet: David Yurman

Sean and I spent a long Fourth of July weekend in beautiful Oregon. It was my first time visiting this pretty state, and I loved it. For Independence Day, we drove out to the coast from where we were staying in Portland and spent the day at beautiful Cannon Beach. We were lucky enough to get a clear and sunny day, and the 70-degree weather was a nice respite from the over-90 temperatures we had been experiencing in Portland.

Red White & Blue Cannon Beach

The town of Cannon Beach was charming and beachy, but my favorite part of the landscape was the huge Haystock Rock that juts over 200 feet out of the water. You can walk out to it during low tide, and it has an intricate cave system within the volcanic rock.

Cannon Beach, Oregon
Igneous Haystack Rock on the left / Fourth of July beach revelers on the right

J Crew Seersucker Bikini
Bikini Top: J.Crew | Bikini Bottom: J.Crew | Towel: Ralph Lauren

This classic seersucker bikini has become my new favorite bathing suit this summer. The low-rise bottoms are a good choice for petite proportions, and the side ties are flattering on narrow hips. I chose a French top with over-the-shoulder instead of halter straps to even out my usual tan lines from tying tops behind my neck.

On the topic of tan lines, I am someone who loves the sun, but I am also vigilant about sun safety. I tan easily, but I always apply high-SPF sunscreen several times a day to make sure my skin is protected. There is an unfortunate history of skin cancer in my family, so I try not to take any chances with sun damage. I really like using Neutrogena Dry Touch Broad Spectrum as my body sunscreen. The texture isn't overly runny or oily, and it dries quickly without a ton of residue.

On my face, neck, and d├ęcolletage, I make sure to apply sunscreen daily since I spend some time each day walking to and from my office and court. I start with a non-SPF primer, the NARS Pro Prime Pore-Refining Primer (my review here), then I layer Bobbi Brown SPF 35+ BB Cream over the nearly-dry primer, and I follow up with BareMinerals Ready Foundation with SPF 20. On days when I know I'll be out on the lake or at the ocean all day, I like to add this Shiseido Extra Smooth lotion to the mix. It really protects my skin, and applies and absorbs really easily. I use the less expensive Neutrogena on the rest of my body, but the Shiseido feels really nice on my face, neck, and chest, and it helps to keep my hyper-pigmentation at bay. Here's a quick photo array of my favorite sun products:

Sunshine at Cannon Beach Oregon

One more thing I'm loving this summer is my first pair of Jack Rogers sandals. It's hard to believe I haven't snagged a pair sooner! I purchased their classic Whipstitched Flip-Flop and have love how they look and feel on me. They just seem to "get" summer, and I always feel such a great mix between casual and festive when I wear my platinum pair--they're perfect for both a jaunt to the beach or a dinner out on the patio. Just to warn any potential purchasers, I did feel there was a teeny bit of a breaking in period while the leather softened, but it was maybe a day or two when I did some long walks. Now that they're broken in and molded to my foot, they are so comfortable, and I pretty much want to wear them everywhere!

Love My Jacks
Love my Jacks!

So last thing! Nordstrom's amazing Anniversary Sale opens to the public on Friday, July 17. This sale is one of my favorite of the year because you can get discounted fall items during this promotional period that will be full-price once August 3 comes around. I finally caved and got a Nordstrom card so I could shop the early access (July 9-16). I'm planning to put up a round-up post of my picks: what I've purchased during early access, what I wish I could also purchase, and what I might go back for over the next week. Right now my most recent order looked like this:

Hope you enjoy the #NSale as much as I do, and do come back later this week to see the rest of my picks (and maybe some mod shots if my new things arrive in time!).

x, Tam


  1. Cute outfit for the fourth!

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  3. You can walk out to it during low tide, and it has an intricate cave system within the volcanic rock.umbrellas


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