Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Travel Diary: Rottnest Island, Western Australia

Wandering Rottnest Island
{on me} Top: c/o Triangl | Bottoms: Target

I still have so many pretty photos left from our Australia trip this spring, I thought I'd share a few beachy pics with you today (right in the middle of beach season!). While Sean and I were in Western Australia, we took a ferry from Fremantle out to beautiful Rottnest Island, not too far off the coast from Perth. There are no cars on Rottnest, just buses, some golf carts, and lots of bikes.

Crochet Cover-Up
Dress: Anthropologie (from last summer, last seen here) | Sunglasses: Prada | Hat: Borrowed | Earrings: Gorjana via Rocksbox

Our original plan had been to explore the island by bike, but my hand injury threw a bit of a wrench in the works. We ended up getting bus tickets to ride around the island as much as we pleased, and we ended up having a great time. There are dozens of gorgeous beaches on the island, but we spent quite a bit of time in one little harbor with some beautiful scenery and a deserted beach.

Cove on Rottnest Island

Beach Day Outfit

One of my favorite parts of visiting Australia was seeing all the native animals. On Rottnest Island, they have a darling little marsupial called the quokka, and they are just as sweet, curious, and friendly as they look.

Quokka Friend

It was so hard not to feed them, but we knew it wasn't good for them to have "people food." This definitely didn't stop them from trying to finagle a snack from us. They are almost as good at begging as my little dachshund.

Quokka Encounter Rottnest Island

Hope those sweet little faces help you get through the rest of your week!

x, Tam

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  1. Australia is known for its scenic beaches and beautiful flora and fauna. I work at a self storage and my daily walk to work is never a boring start to kick start my workday as I need to pass by a beach along the way.


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